Dough Limited Warranty

Dough guarantees that the Dough products that you have purchased are free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period. In case an issue arises, Dough’s agents will attempt to correct any minor issues that might be causing the product failure. If the technical service and support representative is unable to resolve the issue, Dough will, at its option: (i) provide replacement parts necessary to repair the product; (ii) repair the product or replace it with a comparable product; or (iii) refund the amount you paid for the product, less depreciation, upon its return. Replacement parts and products will be new or serviceable used, comparable in function and performance to the original part or product. 


This warranty applies for a period as listed in the table below, from the date the product was first purchased by an end-customer. 

Your sales receipt, showing the date of purchase, is the proof of your purchase date. You may be required to present the proof of purchase as a condition of receiving warranty service. In case of missing proof of purchase, the Limited Warranty Period is considered to have started from the date of manufacturing indicated on the product, if available, or from the serial number of the product, if available, and will end after the Limited Warranty Period listed in the table below. For products sold through the Dough web store, the date of delivery counts as the start of the Limited Warranty Period. 

Dough-branded product 

Limited Warranty Period 


one (1) year 

vinyl skin 

one (1) year 

mouse pad 

two (2) years 

cable adapter 

two (2) years 

USB hub 

two (2) years 

spectrum stand one (1) year

Parts and products replaced under warranty assume the remaining original warranty, or ninety (90) days after they are shipped to you, whichever is longer. 


Dough does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of this product. Any technical or other support provided for the product under warranty, such as assistance via e-mail with ‘how-to’ questions and those regarding product setup and information, is being provided without warranties of any kind. The warranty only covers failures or malfunctions occurred in normal, noncommercial use conditions during the Limited Warranty Period, as well as for any material or workmanship defect. 

Products not listed in the above table, including but not limited to Dough Spectrum or Dough V, are not covered by this Limited Warranty. Instead, their warranty terms for can be found in separate Limited Warranty documents, available on the Dough website ( 

This Limited Warranty does not cover, and Dough is not responsible for: 

  • Any product on which the serial number is missing, altered or defaced, or any product for which the proof of purchase documents have been altered in any way or made illegible; 
  • Cosmetic damage, minor imperfection, or exterior finish that meets design specifications and that does not affect functionality, or results of normal usage (‘wear and tear’), including but not limited to any deformation and/or warp of the exterior of the product, scratches, dents, chips, or changes in color; 
  • Damage, defects, deterioration, or malfunction resulting from: 
  • Unauthorized product modification or service by anyone other than Dough or an Dough authorized service provider; 
  • Misuse, abuse, accident, theft, disappearance, misplacement, neglect, reckless, willful, or intentional conduct, failure to follow instructions supplied with the product, failure to perform cleaning or preventive maintenance, or damage to the coating on the surface of the display through inappropriate cleaning; 
  • Use in an improper environment (including improper temperature or humidity), fire, water, lightning, natural disaster, liquid spills, placement in a location where it may be affected by strong vibration or shocks, or caused by an external enclosure assembled around the product which has not been recommended in the user manual; 
  • Unusual physical or electrical stress or interference, failure or fluctuation of electrical power, external electrical fault, power surges, static electricity, or connections to improper electrical line voltage; 
  • Connection to peripherals, additional equipment, or accessories other than those recommended in the user manual, improper installation of third-party products, use of supplies or parts not meeting Dough’s specifications, or any defect of the product caused by external equipment; or 
  • Third party software, virus, infection, worm, or similar malicious code not introduced by Dough. 
  • Signal issues, reception problems and distortion related to noise, echo, interference or other signal transmission and delivery problems; 
  • Loss or damage caused in transit, or resulting from improper transportation or packing/packaging; 
  • Any incompatibility of the product due to possible technical innovations and/or regulations; 
  • Any equipment or components that were not included in your product as originally sold to you; 
  • Removal, installation, and set-up service charges; 
  • Loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media; 
  • Any other cause which does not relate to a product defect. 


To obtain warranty service, please contact Dough customer support through contact form on the Dough website ( You must assist Dough in diagnosing issues with your product by providing information as requested and may be asked to perform certain steps in attempt to fix or further diagnose the problem. If the technical service and support representative is unable to resolve the issue, you will be provided with instructions for the warranty process as it applies at that time and to your region. 

You must obtain warranty service from Dough or an Dough authorized service provider. Dough will not reimburse you for service performed by others. 


Dough will continue to service its products even after the standard warranty expires. In the event that a product fails outside of the Limited Warranty Period, please contact Dough customer support through contact form on the Dough website ( A customer support representative will provide you with the billable repair options available at that time and in your region.