Big News! Eve is now Dough.

We are changing our name and identity. EVE to DOUGH.

Beginning with two college students and a tablet called Eve T1, we have grown bigger today with multiple products to our name. Together with hundreds of gaming enthusiasts around the world, we have since proven that there is another, better way of creating kick-ass products that power our passion. As we are committed to continue our path, we need to reevaluate our values and goals.  
In a way, creating the ultimate gaming hardware is like making bread. Mixing the same essential ingredients, but the outcome depends on the baker’s skill. Same at DOUGH, we take the community’s feedback, combine it with resources from our suppliers, and voila – the ultimate baguette product that moves the kneadle needle. 

Why DOUGH, exactly?   

More and more people are using our products. In the effort of cutting off shipping time and making our products widely accessible, we’re entering retail globally this year. This requires us to have a name that can be trademarked. Sadly, we can’t use EVE. So, we had to look for a new name that protects our brand legally, reflects the way great products are borne from an amazing community, and envisions the future we’re heading to. Luckily, DOUGH ticks all the boxes.

Why new identity?  

We’ve been evolving over the years, and our current brand visuals no longer reflect the current team and the future we envision. Although we love what Eve was, we’ve grown out of its rebellious personality. It’s time for us to have something more passionate yet mature.  

What’s next?  

The future where consumer technology is advanced through the power of many. We hope that you will be as excited as we are. A ball of dough can be shaped into anything and our next chapter to power your passion has just begun.   

How about EVE’s current customers?  

We owe it to our customers for our success. The company is the same and we stay committed to all our current responsibilities such as orders, support, warranty and shipments. This is simply a brand identity change. 

Dough Team