We crowd-develop iconic gaming hardware, bringing you gaming-changing experiences to get the most out of your game.

Our story

Dough. A company. A feeling. A deep-rooted belief.

We believe in the power of many. And in the forces of passion. We are not like every other gaming brand out there. Community-powered at heart, we love great technology. Working hand in hand with enthusiasts around the world, we create tools which focus on everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Collaborative, fun, and friendly as a company, yet progressive and sophisticated in our approach to products. We do everything with a sole purpose in mind:

To power your passion.

Focusing on the essentials

By working closely with the end-users, we zero in on the features that do make a difference. We focus on the essentials and leave all nice-to-haves-you-would-never-use aside. That way, we can optimize your device for the ultimate gaming performance.

Developed with thousands of minds

We believe that developing products traditionally without the end-users needs to change. Together with thousands of gaming enthusiasts including gamers, coders, and designers in our community, we have since proven that there is another, better way of creating kick-ass products that power our passion. We envision a future where consumer technology is advanced through the power of many.

Our values

Rewarding early backers

We develop future-proof consumer technology. To reward early backers of our projects, we offer the best price to those who support us and pre-order at the start of our product development.

Pay for what you need

We extend our “nothing extra” principle to our pricing too. Why pay for a stand or a cable you’d never use? The world has enough waste as it is. Pick what you need and pay only for what you use.

Sustainability efforts

While developing our products, we are mindful of the environment. That means that we strive to make conscious choices and pursue sustainable solutions to our devices and packaging.

Leave your mark

Help us shape the future of technology. Join our next crowd-development project and learn how a product is made from start to finish. We take you where no other manufacturer has taken you before – in the kitchen where the magic happens.