Spectrum vs LG OLED monitor: Comparing the First OLED Gaming Monitors

Spectrum vs LG OLED monitor: Comparing the First OLED Gaming Monitors

We’re finally starting to see OLED monitors arrive on the market, but with the options seemingly having very similar specs, it may be hard to choose the next best OLED gaming monitors. To help you search for the best gaming monitor, we’ll compare the Dough Spectrum OLED ES07E2D and the LG OLED monitor 27GR95QE-B, two models using the breakthrough QHD 240Hz OLED tech. 


ES07E2D vs 27GR95QE-B 


While the headline specs may seem identical, several details will completely change the user experience. The glossy coating on the Dough Spectrum OLED model will ensure that the room illumination does not affect the monitor’s visual performance, making the perceived contrast much higher than the LG OLED model, and the colors appear more vibrant.

Similarly, you can be sure the Spectrum OLED will offer a great HDR experience thanks to its HDR True Black 400 certification. At the same time, the LG model, unfortunately, cannot reach a high enough peak brightness to achieve an HDR certification, leading to a potentially underwhelming experience when playing HDR content.

Ports and Connectivity 

Looking at the video inputs, both LG and the Spectrum OLED have HDMI 2.1 ports which will allow you to take full advantage of the monitor. Especially these ports are must-have if you plan to buy the next OLED gaming monitor for your PS5.    

If you plan to use the monitor with a laptop, you’ll surely love Spectrum’s USB C input, which can run the display and USB hub while charging the source device at up to 100W. 

Both monitors feature a USB hub, but Spectrum’s offer is superior thanks to its two USB C outputs and USB A ports. These ports can be switched easily between up to two source devices connected through the USB C upstream inputs. 


While this depends on each user’s preferences, based on our community’s feedback, Spectrum’s sleek design is more appealing than LG’s gamer-focused alternative. Spectrum doesn’t look out of place in an office or open room, yet it offers the best gaming experience. 

Like our current models, the price of the Spectrum OLED will gradually increase as it nears shipment and a global retail release. Early supporters can benefit from our lean online-only cost structure with no middle-man markups, so subscribe to our newsletter today for a chance to lock in the lowest price! 


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