How our pre-order pricing model works

How our pre-order pricing model works

We have received many questions related to our pre-order models. In this article, we would like to detail how it works, key philosophies on how we set our pricing: 


Stage of product launching


1. The earlier you commit, the better your price! 

As a token of appreciation for community members and all our early supporters, we allow our community to allocate early in the process. The earlier they commit, the lower the price is. In detail, it means that at the time we launch our product, you can reserve an item early in the process today by paying $100 or any pre-order amount set up at that point. Once your product is ready to ship, an email will be sent asking you to pay for the rest. 

The price of our products will be going up as it nears shipment as the production capacity is limited. So is the quantity. Additionally, once the product ships, it will be likely to be available from major retailers worldwide with a higher price to correspond with wider channel, faster shipping and after-service support. Thus, early supporters and community members will be rewarded with the best possible pricing!


2. You pay for nothing extra! 

After developing Project Spectrum, we learned that everything which might be unnecessary  should be detachable. In the case of the Spectrum gaming monitor, approximately 41% of community voters requested that the monitor stand should be sold separately because they want to use a VESA arm they already have. This way we can make sure everyone gets the best value of Spectrum.

3. Flagship killer pricing. 

As a community-powered brand, we are doing a lot of reserve-engineering on gaming hardware to find the best and optimal solutions for new product production. That, in combination with the philosophy "you pay nothing extra" helps give us leverage to decide early pricings which are way more affordable than any competitors in the market. 

4. Refundable at any time.

After you pre-order our products, your pre-order amount is fully refundable up until your product has been produced for you. For other refund policies, check out our Terms & Conditions.


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